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Photo Christmas Cards

Style # 1125
Style # 1125-B

Style # 1125-C
4" X 6"

Style #1125-D
4" X 6"

Style 1125-D
4" X 6"

Style # 1125-E
4" X 6"

Style 1126-A
4" X 6"

Buy Now  a Custom Christmas Card $3.75

I made photo tags last year and they were a big hit !
I did it because the littlest ones always want to hand
out the presents. With pictures of who the gift belonged to..
it was no problem for them and they loved it !

To order;
Hit the "buy now" button and send me your 8 photos
I will customize your tags and email them back to you
as a jpeg file for you to cut out and tag your presents !
It's just that easy !

The Tree tags measure 3 1/2" by 4"
You get two sheets of four tags
Buy Now $3.25


Plaid Customized Tree Ornaments
Each ornament is 2 3/4" X 4 "

Years ago, I started taking photos from the previous year,
making ornaments out of them, laminating & hanging 
on the tree. It's every one's favorite tree.......
we spend hours looking over the photos and reminiscing.

After you've purchased the ornaments email me your 6
photos. Within 24 hrs I will send you your finished
customized ornaments
Buy Now $3.00


Buy Now $3.00

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